Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rome, NY

In just a couple hours, the corps will be stepping off to perform in Rome, NY. Yesterday, we had the great opportunity to rehearse in the show stadium for the day. A news crew came to watch and took some great photos which can be seen here:

In addition to rehearsing in a great facility, the corps was also fed a great dinner by the local VFW.

Tonight, the corps is heading to Schuylkill Haven, PA where we will stay for a couple days. Tomorrow is the last regional competition in Allentown, PA. After that, we have just two shows remaining before we head into Finals Week!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, it's been a week of schools with blogspot blocked and poor reception. Finally, I have the opportunity to update you on what has been happening!

After San Antonio, we headed to Lafayette, LA and Clinton, MS. We are currently at Alabama A & M University, which is an amazing facility! Tonight we had a show in Gadsden, AL. We broke 80 for the first time this season and tied the Glassmen with a score 80.15. Spirit is a only few tenths ahead of us with a score of 80.65!

Tomorrow, we have a full rehearsal day here at the University. Our full ensemble block will be spent in a HUGE stadium which will be great preparation for Atlanta on Saturday. I'll try and get a couple pictures posted for you tomorrow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas...

Well, yesterday the corps finally made into the state of Texas, where we will be through Sunday. We stayed at Denton High School, which was an amazing facility (good showers, AC, and TWO turf fields!). The night before in Broken Arrow, the corps had a bit of a rough show, so going into last night, the corps was more determined than ever to knock one out of the park! I think the results speak for themselves...

1) Cavaliers: 89.65
2) Blue Devils: 88.5
3) Carolina Crown: 88.3
4) Phantom Regiment: 85.2
5) Boston Crusaders: 81.8
6) Blue Knights: 81.55
7) Madison Scouts: 80.75
8) Troopers: 78.65
9) Spirit of Atlanta: 77.2
10) Colts: 75.7
11) Teal Sound: 73.1
12) Cascades: 70.1

Today we are in Odessa, TX. For the first time this season, we will go head to head with The Academy. It will be interesting to see where we match up!

The equipment truck for the Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps was rear-ended last night. You can find information about the collision, as well as a link for donations on the corps website:

Monday, July 18, 2011


Wow! the past week has sure been exciting! On Saturday was the first regional of the season. However, we were a little nervous going into it, because the previous two days were hit by really bad weather. This had caused us to not be able to do a run through prior to the regional in two days. Regardless, the corps still threw down a great performance and the scores were really exciting!

11) Blue Knights 78.5
12) Troopers 74.7
13) Spirit 74.45
14) Glassmen 74.3

It is really exciting, but still really close! It looks like it'll be an exciting battle all season. In addition, the corps beat the Glassmen for the first time since 1990!

Yesterday, the corps had a free day at Mall of America in Minneapolis. Today, we had a rehearsal day at Graceland University in Iowa and added some changes to the ballad. Tomorrow is another head to head battle with the some of the corps in our range!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Tie...

Last night the corps had a show in Metamora, IL. As the members were warming up, the weather turned rough so, we had to retreat to the buses while the storm passed. Once we got the all clear, the corps finished warmup and headed to the gate. The storm had caused a loss of power at the stadium, so all corps after Spirit were supposed to do a stand-still since after intermission there would not be enough light to march.

Halfway through intermission, however, the power came back on! The second half of the show was back on and judging could commence. The members were very excited when they heard the news that they could still perform and really threw down one heck of a performance!

Waiting for results was a little harder at this show, because we were all unsure of how we would line up. Spirit of Atlanta had been getting scores in our range all season, but it was the first time we went head to head with them, so we were all anxious to know where each corps would stand. The results were as follows:

Santa Clara Vanguard: 80.25
Blue Stars: 79.25
Spirit of Atlanta: 75
Troopers: 75
Crossmen: 72.5

The result was something neither corps expected: a tie! This is the second tie of the season for the Troopers, the first being with the Glassmen back in June. It seems like it's going to be a very competitive season for us!

Today, the corps had a three-block rehearsal day in Metamora, IL. We packed up after the run through and are now on our way to La Crosse, WI for another rehearsal day tomorrow before our show the day after.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Davenport, IA

Yesterday, the corps had a laundry/rehearsal day in Muscatine, IA (we stayed at the high school there). The community of Muscatine was very supportive and about 100-150 residents came out to watch the corps rehearse. It's a rare opportunity to have such a large audience during rehearsal and it was great for the members to have a great crowd response.

Today, we rehearsed until about 3PM and then packed up and headed off to Davenport (about a 45 minute drive) for the show. The corps had a great show and the scores were as follows:

Bluecoats: 81.15
Madison Scouts: 79.4
Blue Stars: 79
Troopers: 74.35
Crossmen: 72.85
Teal Sound: 68.5

We're currently on the road to Metamora, IL for a show day before heading off to La Crosse, WI.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


After a rehearsal day yesterday in which even more changes were made, we finally had another show day here in Madison, Wisconsin. The show went well and the crowd was really fantastic!

The scores were as follows:
The Cavaliers: 81.550
Bluecoats: 79.400
Madison Scouts: 77.350
Boston Crusaders: 76.350
Troopers: 73.100
Colts: 71.950

We are currently heading off to Davenport, IA for a laundry/rehearsal day before our next show on Monday. This next week will be very busy in preparation for our first regional next Saturday in Minneapolis, MN!