Monday, July 11, 2011

Davenport, IA

Yesterday, the corps had a laundry/rehearsal day in Muscatine, IA (we stayed at the high school there). The community of Muscatine was very supportive and about 100-150 residents came out to watch the corps rehearse. It's a rare opportunity to have such a large audience during rehearsal and it was great for the members to have a great crowd response.

Today, we rehearsed until about 3PM and then packed up and headed off to Davenport (about a 45 minute drive) for the show. The corps had a great show and the scores were as follows:

Bluecoats: 81.15
Madison Scouts: 79.4
Blue Stars: 79
Troopers: 74.35
Crossmen: 72.85
Teal Sound: 68.5

We're currently on the road to Metamora, IL for a show day before heading off to La Crosse, WI.


Terri said...

So excited for tomorrow's head to head with Spirit. GET IT TROOOOOP!

Michael said...

Last night's recap suggested that the horns had a bit of an off night? Bear down Troop!

Emily said...

Excellent show, Troopers, I can see some amazing potential! A lot of heart, a lot of room for the audience to be involved. Keep working hard and you will amaze your audience. I hope to see you again this season!

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