Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Tie...

Last night the corps had a show in Metamora, IL. As the members were warming up, the weather turned rough so, we had to retreat to the buses while the storm passed. Once we got the all clear, the corps finished warmup and headed to the gate. The storm had caused a loss of power at the stadium, so all corps after Spirit were supposed to do a stand-still since after intermission there would not be enough light to march.

Halfway through intermission, however, the power came back on! The second half of the show was back on and judging could commence. The members were very excited when they heard the news that they could still perform and really threw down one heck of a performance!

Waiting for results was a little harder at this show, because we were all unsure of how we would line up. Spirit of Atlanta had been getting scores in our range all season, but it was the first time we went head to head with them, so we were all anxious to know where each corps would stand. The results were as follows:

Santa Clara Vanguard: 80.25
Blue Stars: 79.25
Spirit of Atlanta: 75
Troopers: 75
Crossmen: 72.5

The result was something neither corps expected: a tie! This is the second tie of the season for the Troopers, the first being with the Glassmen back in June. It seems like it's going to be a very competitive season for us!

Today, the corps had a three-block rehearsal day in Metamora, IL. We packed up after the run through and are now on our way to La Crosse, WI for another rehearsal day tomorrow before our show the day after.


Terri said...

The Trooper Chat was all a-buzz after the scores were announced! KEEP THROWING DOWN, TROOP! Whatever you brought to that field in Metamora needs to come to the field EVERY night. GO TROOOOOOOOP!

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