Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, it's been a week of schools with blogspot blocked and poor reception. Finally, I have the opportunity to update you on what has been happening!

After San Antonio, we headed to Lafayette, LA and Clinton, MS. We are currently at Alabama A & M University, which is an amazing facility! Tonight we had a show in Gadsden, AL. We broke 80 for the first time this season and tied the Glassmen with a score 80.15. Spirit is a only few tenths ahead of us with a score of 80.65!

Tomorrow, we have a full rehearsal day here at the University. Our full ensemble block will be spent in a HUGE stadium which will be great preparation for Atlanta on Saturday. I'll try and get a couple pictures posted for you tomorrow.


vickieb said...

Keep on working hard Troop! We would love to see you make finals!

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