Monday, July 18, 2011


Wow! the past week has sure been exciting! On Saturday was the first regional of the season. However, we were a little nervous going into it, because the previous two days were hit by really bad weather. This had caused us to not be able to do a run through prior to the regional in two days. Regardless, the corps still threw down a great performance and the scores were really exciting!

11) Blue Knights 78.5
12) Troopers 74.7
13) Spirit 74.45
14) Glassmen 74.3

It is really exciting, but still really close! It looks like it'll be an exciting battle all season. In addition, the corps beat the Glassmen for the first time since 1990!

Yesterday, the corps had a free day at Mall of America in Minneapolis. Today, we had a rehearsal day at Graceland University in Iowa and added some changes to the ballad. Tomorrow is another head to head battle with the some of the corps in our range!


Terri said...

GO TROOOOOP! I'll see you in TWO DAYS. Excited!!!!

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