Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to Work!

Today the corps went back to a full, three-block day for rehearsal. Spirits have been very high! Minus a couple members, everyone was back in rehearsal today. The colorguard went mostly without equipment and worked on drill, since they are all still very sore.

The corps will be staying another night in Greenfield, IA. Tomorrow, we will have a two-block day and depart for Indy at about 6:00PM. We can't thank the residents of Greenfield enough for their hospitality. Also, an even bigger thanks to the Nodaway Valley Schools and the director of bands, Jamie Craig. What was originally going to be a less than a day stay turned into nearly three full days and they have been nothing but accommodating for the corps.

On another note, we reached our first goal of 20th in the Pepsi Challenge! As promised, here is a cool video of the battery playing the pre-game at the Wyoming Cavalry game! It's pretty cool!

Now, time to reach for our next goal of 15th! Remember to use your daily votes! http://www.refresheverything.com/troopers


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