Sunday, June 26, 2011

Muncie and Lisle

Unfortunately schools have been blocking my internet access to the blog and such, so my updates have been a lot less often.

The past two days have been great for the Troopers. We have definitely been improving our scores and inching our way toward some of the other corps in our area. Here are the scores from the past two shows:

Cavaliers 77.7
Crown 74.4
Bluecoats 74.4
Blue Stars 70.8
Glassmen 65.5
Troopers 65
Teal Sound 59.4

Cavaliers 78.6
Carolina Crown 75.7
Blue Stars 72.4
Glassmen 68
Troopers 67.8
Pioneer 56.4

This is turning out to be a really exciting season!

We've now had two shows on a turf field and we're getting a lot better at setting up the tarp road. Today we added industrial strength duct tape to it to keep the ends of each piece from getting kicked up during the show. It really worked great during the show today.

Tonight, we're heading to Minnesota. Tomorrow will be a rehearsal day with an evening laundry block. Tuesday will be a show day in Woodbury, MN.


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