Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Laundry and Woodbury

The past two days, we've been staying at St. Croix Central High School in Croix, WI. Yesterday, the corps had a two-block rehearsal day, followed by laundry. We used the day to add in choreography and a couple musical changes.

Today, we had a show in Woodbury, MN. It was our first show with the Colts, who we tend to have intense competitions with throughout the season. This season seems to be no different! Here are the scores:

Pioneer 58.6
Colts 68.5
Troopers 69.0
Blue Stars 73.4
Bluecoats 75.7
Cavaliers 79.7

We're currently on a short 2 hour bus drive to Mankato, MN for a competition tomorrow!


Terri said...

The midwest schedule sure is nice, isn't it!

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