Thursday, June 23, 2011

Second Show and A Rehearsal Day

I'm just going to go ahead and write about the last two days, since I have the time and access to the internet... Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to update after the show, but if not, it'll definitely be up the day after.

On Wednesday, we had our second show in Fairfield, OH. The corps was fortunate enough to be able to stay at the actual show site. This allowed us to have additional rehearsal time, since we were able to cut travel time out of the schedule. The show started off with a rain delay of about 20 minutes or so. When we went on, the sky was much darker from clouds, but no rain yet. The show was much better than the night before, especially since we were able to get a visual warm up in this time. As soon as the corps left the field, we knew it was time to get out of there or get hit by an incoming storm system. Luckily, we made it back to the gym just in time. The show ended up being cancelled, so there were no scores for the night.

Today, we are staying at Jay County High School in Indiana. It is a GREAT facility! We spent the day learning the outro for the show. There was off-and-on rain throughout the day, but nothing to cut into our rehearsal time. The band students from the high school were practicing on the cement field behind the stadium, so once their practice was let out, we had a nice audience for what ended up being the best run through the members have ever performed thus far!

Tomorrow will be our first show on a turf field, so we will be bringing out the "surprise element" for our show. If you looked at previous posts, you will have realized that meant the tarp road. It will be exciting to present the entire show tomorrow with the tarp!


Terri said...

Go TROOP!!! Hope to hear some great reviews from Muncie, IN!

C Chadwick Photography said...

Yay! So proud of you guys and gals! What a great marketing ploy to play at the High School. I bet the marching band kids loved it!!

Marcus/Tash said...

Thank you so much for doing the daily blog. I know it can be difficult to fit in computer time during the summer tour.

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