Sunday, June 12, 2011

Laundry Day!

Today the corps had its first laundry day. From about 8 until noon, the corps was split up into three different laundromats and received some time off to wash their clothes, eat, and buy anything they needed from the nearby stores. At about 1, the corps shuttled back to the park to clean the 3rd movement and add in some choreography. After dinner, there was two hours of sectional time and then for the final two hours, the corps regrouped for a full ensemble rehearsal. To end the day, we did a full run through of all of the show so far.

Tomorrow, the corps will be beginning the fourth and final movement (closer). In addition, an important element (sorry, it's a secret!) to the show will be implemented for the first time. Tomorrow will definitely be a very busy day!


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No, McEuph, the Sunburst got a new name a couple of years to upgrade it to the modern era: GEOBURST. :-D

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