Saturday, June 11, 2011

Connor Prairie and a Great Stadium!

Today the Troopers played at Connor Prairie to commemorate the opening week of the 1863 Civil War Journey exhibit. The corps played twice during the day with a short break in between performances in which the members were able to explore the museum themselves. Although it doesn't show in the photo, there was a good sized crowd, though most sat further back, under the shade of trees. It was really a great performance!

The corps returned in the evening for dinner and then shuttled over to Zionsville High School to use the stadium for full ensemble rehearsal. It was our first opportunity to be on turf since move-ins, which was truly helpful for the corps. In addition, it was the members' first opportunity to get a reaction from an audience, as a lot of band families from the high school came by to watch. We ended the day with a really great full run-through of the first three movements.

Tomorrow we have a short rehearsal day, because the members also have a laundry day. Remember to vote in the Pepsi Refresh Project!


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