Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day of All Days!

Today was the final day of All Days!

To send us off, Indiana was nice enough to mess with our schedule by giving us hail and thunderstorms throughout the day. There was mud all over the field, so we were all a bit messy after full ensemble block!

It's been a LONG few weeks, but we are all definitely looking forward to finally putting the product onto the field tomorrow. It's also very exciting to start tour!

As we hit the road, the schedule for the blog is going to change. Depending on where we are, I may have to wait until midway through the next day to update on the previous day. However, I will be posting live tweets on the Troopers twitter during shows to update you on the scores You can see the tweets at the bottom of the blog, or visit the twitter account here: CasperTroopers

Here's to a great first show day!


C Chadwick Photography said...

Congrats! Troopers! Best of luck on your first show!

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