Friday, June 10, 2011

Three movements down!

Today we staged the entire third movement on the field! It was a long day of hard work, but by dinner, we were playing and marching the entire piece. After dinner, we ran the show and encore pieces in music ensemble so they would be ready for the stand-still performances tomorrow. Lastly, we worked through the entire show in full ensemble and did a full run-through of the first three movements! The members are really doing a great job and working very hard.

I know I said I'd post pictures today, but I forgot to charge my phone, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. If you live in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, come check us out at the Connor Prairie performances tomorrow. More information can be found here:

Also, don't forget to vote in the Pepsi refresh challenge! We've really dropped a lot! Can we make it through the month of June?


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