Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The closer is on the field!

Today we finished the closer drill! The only bit of show left to learn is the outro. Now, with one week left before our first competitive show, we get to spend our time putting it all together so we can have a great first performance.

The members have truly been working really hard and it's definitely paying off. Our music arranger, David Reeves flew in today and our Program Coordinator, William Chumley has been in town too, so the whole design team has been working hard to shape the show into a great product.

Despite all of the stormy forecasts, we have yet to see any rain during rehearsal time! Today was especially warm and sunny, so we all got a little more toasted than usual. We'll definitely be hitting up the aloe vera tonight!

Lastly, as usual, please take the time to vote for the Troopers in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge!!!


Terri said...

When do we get a new video teaser? :-D

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