Friday, June 3, 2011

First Performance!

Before I begin, I'd just like to let you know that there WOULD be pictures in this blog, however I have to wait to post them because new alterations to the uniform have not yet been made public. Once they are, I will update with the photos from today's performance.

Today, the corps finished learning the drill for the second movement of the show. So, as we leave for Indianapolis this weekend, about half of the show is on the field. We are completely on schedule, thanks to Wyoming's weather cooperating.

After dinner, the battery, drum major Josh Jensen, and trumpeter Kirby Powell suited up into uniform and hopped on the bus to the Wyoming Cavalry game against the Omaha Beef. Once we got there, the battery warmed up on a patch of grass overlooking all of the City of Casper. In the sunlight, those new drums looked absolutely gorgeous!

As the football game neared the end of pregame, Josh Jensen and the battery marched onto the field and arched up to play. The lights in the stadium went out and a spotlight lit up on the drum major. As the battery played, spotlights waved back and forth over them. The whole effect was very cool. After they finished playing, Josh marched them off the field and the football players were announced.

Next, it was time for Kirby Powell to play the national anthem. He marched on behind members of the Casper fire department who were presenting the colors. The crowd sang along to Kirby's trumpet and there were large cheers from around the stadium as he finished and marched off.

After eating some pizza, it was time for the battery to head back out for the halftime performance. Josh lead them out again and they played through the whole show, ending with a standing ovation from the crowd. An announcement was made to the crowd about the Pepsi grant voting and we sent around donation buckets. The Wyoming Cavalry started us off with $500 which was matched right after by generous donor, Mitch Zimmerman.

I think it's fair to say that today was a very successful day for the Troopers. Hopefully you'll be able to see pictures soon as well! Also, remember to get in your daily votes for the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project!


HylianHero said...

Great to hear. Hope we win the Pepsi deal!

P-nut's Mama said...

Glad you posted. I was so busy running around with the bucket I forgot about the gift from the Cavs and Mitch Zimmerman.

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