Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cheyenne Performance

Today, the members got to sleep in a couple of extra hours this morning, after pulling into Cheyenne at around 3:00AM. The rehearsal day was short, but very productive. We were finally able to do a full ensemble run of the second movement. Because of the performances these last couple days, we haven't managed to do it up until now. After rehearsal, the corps cleaned up and got into uniform for a stand-still performance in Cheyenne at Central High School. They really did a great job. Afterward, the alumni came down to the field and circled up with the members to sing the corps song. Finally, after getting out of uniform and packing up their stuff, the members were treated to a pizza dinner provided by our great alumni organization.

We're about to load up for a LONG bus ride to Iowa where we will rehearse for the day before heading off to Indy.

I'd like to point you toward the post below. We've managed to go up one place to 22nd! Two more and the first video will be released! Vote! Vote! Vote!!!!


C Chadwick Photography said...

Safe Travels Troopers!! Thanks for your awesome performance!!

Joe said...

If anyone knows where the Troopers are rehearsing today in Iowa, PLEASE email the address to me at:


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